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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Super moon! Well, sort of...

I took some photo of the moon when it was just a sliver.

Um.. well, I tried!

And tonight we have the Super Moon.

My neighbours think I am a lunatic, not because I take photos of the moon but because I stand on the decking shouting at the moon "stay still, damn you".

Then, finally, it played fair:

Not forgetting the one where the cat helped by climbing my leg:

My favourite:


  1. the lunatic is on the grass... lol

  2. wow loved it :) ...Thanks for sharing.

  3. wow that last one, you really nailed it! Great pic!

  4. Beautiful! I love the moon.

  5. The first shots look like the ones we try to take, but that last few were AWESOME !!!

    What kind of camera are you using??? We have a oneshot by cannon... we are still learning to use all of the features on it, but we take hundreds of pictures !
    LOL, amatures that we are !!

  6. I use a cannon powershot (12 mega pixels), a lot of swearing and a pinch of luck. I don't understand features, I went to the camera shop and said I want something relatively idiot-proof. That can take being dropped, sat on, left in a ccupboard for a couple of months when I forget where I put it and can survive cats. The salesman said "try this one for a week and bring it back if you don't like it." I did like it so he sold it to me. I have had it for 2 years and have learned some useful things, such as:
    It doesn't work until you switch it on.
    How to charge the battery.
    How to download things to my laptop.
    How to delete old photos.
    Don't drop it in the pool, sink, bath, etc..

    As you can see, I am an expert now! Lol.