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Friday, 4 March 2011

The Assault on Mary B.

Background Notes Concerning Mary B.
Confidential.  Attendant Physicians only.

Mary B.’s problems first began on the night of September 17th.  At approximately 1 a.m. Mary ran into her parent’s room and told them that an ‘angel’ had been in her room.  Her father found no evidence of an intruder but, since Mary was adamant that someone had been there, he called the police.
No definite evidence of an intruder was found.  Mary was interviewed by a female police constable to obtain more details and to ensure that this was merely a result of a dream.  The police constable became concerned when Mary informed her that the intruder had said that Mary was now pregnant.  A rape and sexual abuse counsellor was called, along with a doctor.  Mary and her parents both independently insist Mary was virginal and that she had no boyfriend or sexual interest.
   A medical examination took place and, while no evidence of sexual intercourse was apparent, both the doctor and the counsellor felt that Mary was sufficiently distressed for the incident to be recorded as a possible sexual assault.

  Mary was very consistent in her story of the intrusion by the man she said had given his name as Gabriel, although this is suspected to be an alias.  At the request of the police and the counsellor, blood tests were taken to check for pregnancy.  They proved to be positive and the investigation into what was now a case of rape was escalated.
Mary B. still insisted that her visitor had been an angel and upgraded him to the position of Archangel.  Her continued insistence on the presence of a heavenly choir, a blinding white light and wings seemed to indicate a degree of psychosis, possibly induced by post traumatic stress.  Mary still refused to discuss how her pregnancy actually occurred and consistently referred to the incident as ‘The Miracle’.

After two weeks, it was felt that Mary would benefit from being hospitalised and she was admitted to the psychiatric unit at this hospital on October 9th.

Despite intensive therapy, Mary did not respond to treatment and her delusion seemed to become more deep-seated.  She now referred to herself as highly favoured and the Immaculate Conception.  It was felt necessary for her mental heath that an abortion took place.

The court agreed with the medical reasoning and the parents also assented.  The abortion was scheduled for the morning of October 22nd and took place without further treatment.

Mary is still being treated for the psychosis resulting from her traumatic attack.  It is hoped she will soon stop calling the medical staff ‘Instruments of Satan’ and gain a more reasonable outlook on the incident.


The soul returned to stand before the Throne of Heaven.

“Forgive them Father, they know not what they did.”

“Thirty-five days!  At least your brother got thirty-five years before they killed him!”


  1. a twisted sense of humor ~ i love it!

  2. Intense. Snared me immediately, ran with me...

    ...She now referred to herself as highly favoured and the Immaculate Conception...

    had me smirking, and then, wham, the abortion.

    Very good.