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Saturday, 19 March 2011

For Japan

How bitter-sweet those memories
Of joy and laughter, families,
Now lost to the devouring seas
A few short days ago.

When life was normal, life was sane,
The sea was bound in her domain,
And shakes were just a normal strain,
A few short days ago.

When power stations were just there,
And didn't leak, to poison air,
We did not fear a nuclear flare
A few short days ago.

The people battle on with pride,
And hide their grief down deep inside,
Yet mourn for those who must have died
A few short days ago.

The world can only wait and hope,
As shattered structures strain to cope,
With disaster's deadly scope
A few short days ago. 


  1. your writing is inspiring and right on the money in describing the disaster taking place in Japan,It really hits home if you have ever visited japan.

  2. Nice tribute for Japan Penny !

  3. So well written of such tragic heart wrenching times.


  4. Nice sentiments.

    (My wife is a cat lover & thinks it's so cute that the cat purrs when you hover over it!)

  5. Well written Penny! Spot on! You are such a wizard with words :)

  6. It really seems to be an amazing culture over there...no looting...unbelievable..such a proud people...they will resurface...beautiful tribute! Also makes you realize how quickly the landscape of life can change...just a few short days ago. Peace to you Penny and continued Blessings to Japan.

  7. Beautiful tribute Penny.... I still can't beleive its happening! ♥ ஆεlεɳa ~.^