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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Short and Sweet

J.L.'s Prompt is 'Short and Sweet'

Today we would like you to write a poem in  four lines or twenty four syllables... SHORT and SWEET  must be used in the poem... you may use any subject

Life may be short or long,
Days may be sour or sweet,
But when your love is strong
Your life will be complete.


Sweet kiss of the sun
Though the days are still short
The flowers open to smile
In the warmth spring has brought.

Bitter-sweet memories
Of joy, laughter, families,
Lost to the devouring seas
A few short days ago.


  1. I do believe you have nailed short and sweet.Missed your writings.See you have the cat on your blog now too.LOL

  2. Oh yes, cats get everywhere!

  3. Love them all Penny ! Like Richie said you nailed it !!