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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Restless Earth

I  am taking an on-line class in sonnets and other forms.  For this lesson I am looking at kyrielle.
The kyrielle is also a poem written in quatrains in iambic tetrameter
The rhyme scheme is up to you - it can be abab or it can be aabb
The important part is that each stanza ends in a repeated refrain line - that same line ends each and every stanza. The poem should have at least three stanzas. The challenge is to make each stanza naturally end in the same line. 

so here is my shot.

 Restless Earth

At first the mountain smokes and steams
then lava belches forth in streams,
the sound a crashing, blasting din
as Mother Earth twitches her skin.

The ground is shaking, trembling hard
so buildings twist, foundations jarred,
and fall to crush the folk within
as Mother Earth twitches her skin

The sea draws back against the tide,
a wall of water, deep and wide,
first building up then crashing in
as Mother Earth twitches her skin.

So dreams are crushed and lives are lost,
there’s more than monetary cost,
for truth is harsh and hope worn thin
as Mother Earth twitches her skin.

And solid Terra seems to be
like Terror Firma now to me.
Is it a fight that we can win
As Mother Earth twitches her skin?


  1. this could have been in one of the Jane Auel "Earth's Children"'s books as one of the hymns she has in there about the earth and nature and such! Would fit right in! Good work again! :)

  2. Penny i sure missed your writing these past few weeks,but have to say the cat widget is out of sight