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Friday, 18 March 2011

Friday Poetically - Challenge from http://onestoppoetry.com/

Thanks Brian, a tricky challenge.

A Knight of Old.

A knight of old can not show fear
He must take peril in his stride
Yet I am frozen solid here
I’m literally petrified.

A white knight should be strong and bold
A knight of old can not show fear
And to his knightly vows must hold
To fight for all that good holds dear.

I feel my doom is creeping near
I can not lift my sword to fight,
A knight of old can not show fear
Yet see me petrified with fright.

This stony embrace holds me hard
Will future squires laugh and jeer
Or will I put them on their guard,
A knight of old can not show fear.


  1. ah the pressure of being a knight, being the example...honaorable, strong....can they ever show their softer side...nicely played on the prompt...

  2. you have shown his fear for him...well done

    Peace, hp

  3. petrified with fright...I like that.

  4. Penny YOU AMAZE ME !!
    your gift of writing is remarkable !
    This is just wonderful !

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  6. Thanks JL. The blame (and credit) is all yours. Without your blog and prompts I would never have tried new forms and styles.

  7. Lol Pen you took the high road and I took the low road! Yep were all searching for the valiant knight. Heck I'd be happy if he could write his own name at this point lol!!

  8. really wonderful words and form! great imagery.

  9. That knight of old has a remarkable muse to tell his tale.Well done