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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Winged Thoughts

Once my thoughts had wings,
and soared to great heights,
I spent many nights
Writing down such things.

Now people read the sign
and so find my name,
so much for great fame
for those thoughts of mine.

A quick photograph
to say ‘I saw this’
which they then dismiss
‘Who was he’ they laugh.

Thoughts cut like a knife
as I stand here alone,
remembered in stone,
forgotten in life.

Birds know I am here
as a place to perch
while they stand and search
for food, and they jeer.

Thanks and credit to James Rainsford for the picture and the challenge it presents.

and. just because I am proud of it, here is my photo of last nights super moon.

If you want to see how much fun I had getting this shot, see the post before this one!


  1. oh how fast the mighty fall in our minds...reduced to history soon enough edited out of the books to meet state educational guidelines...

  2. "remembered in stone,
    forgotten in life."

    So true in many cases. Very cutting and well done, Penny. Oh, Brian's perceptive comment is true too. History is written by the victors; and then re-written and revised to fit politics and budgetary concerns. Cheers

  3. Penny, love the rhyming, it is nicely done and your photos of the moon are lovely:)


  4. Wonderful take on the photo Penny...
    The super moon shot is fantastic!!!
    Thanks for sharing...

    ♥ ஆεlεɳa ~.^

  5. Penny you are a misstress of words... love your take on the picture !!

  6. your poem discribes what every writer of both poetry and prose feels,thoughts so sublime,but now thanks to the internet set in stone for all time for all to read.

  7. An interesting, quiet reflection from the statue's perspective!