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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Celebrate Gratituesday

GRATITUDE Acrostic - Prompt #4

Gaining new friends everyday
Reading comments on my work
Active sharing of ideas
Talented people dropping by
Inspiration everyday
Thoughtful comments from good friends
Understanding new ideas
Dodges prompts from our JL
Expert guidance in poetry.

And speaking of Dodges prompts, todays is Tanka:
Mine is:

My heart had dried up
and blown away like ashes
in the winds of change
I feel the cold bitterness
of uncaring tomorrow.

sorry for any errors, Chad is helping me write as this webcam shot shows:


  1. Great writing even if Chad did help. Tell him Thank you for me!

  2. Thank you so much Penny, You rock... we love that you include us in your works, its awesome to see our name in writing !!
    We also love that Chad is helping you , we didnt see any mistakes...so let him help !!! LOL

  3. Nice gratitude list. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Check back on Tuesday!