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Monday, 28 March 2011

Killing two stones with one bird

Or verse in this case.
Here we have my response to: 
One Stop Poetry Form – Rondels part II – Guest hosted by Samuel Peralta
And also:
Dodges Today's Prompt is FIRST AND LAST

Today we will use the line...
The rules are you must use this as your first AND last line in your write, with no changes.

And the result is:
The Hunt

The dog was having a grand time,
Chasing across the rocky fell,
Now following that tempting smell
That hid amid the gorse and thyme.

He bounced and scrambled up the climb
His handler told him to do well,
The dog was having a grand time,
Chasing across the rocky fell.

And there, amid the rock and lime
He found the man, the one who fell
His handler let out a loud yell.
Though covered now with mud and grime,
The dog was having a grand time.


  1. Hi Pen.(Penny?) I've been to your blog before and read your poetry, but after this poem I wondered if you were in the UK. Yes, I now know more and am glad you posted a short bio here. Made me think perhaps that's a good idea on a blog, and I should too. I wanted to know as next week I am hosting and writing about prosody. I'm finding as I read people's work that we write as we hear and we hear as we speak.

    Now I know (sort of) how you speak, I can see that it sounds "right" if I read in your accent not in my own. Being from Texas, as I've told Claudia, is a trial for a purist of any kind as we can speak no other language but English and we don't speak it well.

    Really the main difference is that you would (of course) stress TIME in that A line, letting GRAND just trip by like a babbling brook. But in Texas GRAND is practically part of our name (it is in the state song). We just normally STOP at the word and pronounce it hard and alone as we would the word GOD. So for us "grand time" would be a trochee and for you an iamb.

    My I shall have my work cut out for me talking about Prosody. I loved the piece. It was GRAND and it was perfect.

  2. A wonderful, rollicking, happy rhythm in this poem reflecting the spirit of the subject! Beautiful!

  3. Well done! Sometimes I find the biggest creative whacks when I combine two prompts or challenges, and it's clear you found it here.

  4. Well done... knocked on rhymes door, and he responded quickly.

  5. OO you out did yourself Penny !
    I have trouble with some of the forms we try, you make it flow effortlessly ! WELL DONE (again !)

  6. I love your take on the dog having a grand time. Planning to follow your work. I enjoy it very much.