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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Picture prompt poem.

Combining Dodges minute poem prompt with
To produce, despite a migraine making me see double, the following:

The squirrel came to the picnic
With tail flick,
‘I’ve brought a nut,
We’ve had a glut.’

The gnome replied with smile so fair
‘If you can spare,
We’ll have some more
From your large store’

The squirrel led the party there
Glad he could share
And with new friends
Our story ends.

Not my usual sort of thing.  i hope it is ok.


  1. You did just fine....I love the take on the prompt. Nicely done! xo

  2. Fabulous take. Children's verse is new to me, however, a very important venue, lending to the young ones... I am finding it quite a challenging yet fun venture.

  3. It is better then OK. You did a very nice job on children's verse. I love this branching out. Keep up the good work.

  4. Well that is nice that he could share and invited the rest of the squirrels to partake and share also...thanks for posting...bkm

  5. Definitely very fine..to become a child again..that's what these poems seem to do!!

  6. love squirrels.
    cute imagery.