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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

One Shot Wednesday

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My heart is beating faster now
Though I can see no reason why
Yet I know that somewhere, somehow,
A death is waiting nearby.
The air feels thin, my chest is tight,
My body feels quite drained of heat
I know I’ve flashed back to that night
When death was lying at my feet.
But still I can not shake that fear
As panic grips my heart and mind
I feel the threat creeping too near
I sweat and shake, my terror blind.
This feeling may be baseless, wrong
It’s hold on my mind is so strong.

Anxiety and flashbacks are a constant  problem for me.


  1. i think they are for many people...i suffered an anxiety attack when i was in college...it was more from the stress and running my body down with poor coping skills...i have since found ways to find that peaceful place again...

  2. I think one of the worst parts of a panic attack, after experiencing a very bad episode, is the anticipation of another one. I had a similar college experience as Brian, especially being overloaded with work in grad school. Stress is a certain trigger; poor learning of how to cope and not being conscious of proper breathing do not help matters.

  3. Great write! Anxiety will do it to you. I know from experience. Not a good place to be. Susie

  4. Panic is an awful place to be, it is very gripping, you described it well.

  5. I recognize this very well, I have had anxiety attacks and you describe it accurately. Very well written!

  6. Have not personally experienced, but thanks to your craft feel I have a better insight. Vb

  7. Dear Penny

    I could feel it happening... all over.. though I have not have had a panic attack as yet (lucky me or may be its yoga and meditation that is working to keep the peace machine running) but with your words its so real... vivid.
    Thanks for sharing.

    ॐ शांति ॐ
    Om Shanti Om
    May peace be… pray for People of Japan
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  8. I get this too Penny...where for a few moments or more...I sense something...usually doom...someone somewhere is hurting...and that burden is being passed on to you. Don't be afrais of it...embrace it...and listen to what "it" is trying to tell you...

  9. a stunning poem. an extremely difficult situation to deal with. if you have nightmares, too or insomnia, it could even be post traumatic stress disorder. if you have these feelings often, even your primary care doctor may be able to help you if meditation and yoga are not enough. know you are not alone. *hugs* dani