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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Who am I?

But.  Possibly the most depressing word in the English language.  It's good but...
In my case, it is 'I like you but...'

Sorry BUT,  this is me.  I am not a bush you can trim to shape.  If I listen to people who 'like me' and try do be liked more I would have to cut 'me' out.
'Be careful how you say things, people don't like the way you say it and get hurt' - Hey!  Guess what!  That works both ways.

'People don't understand your sense of humour and get offended, so don't use it.' -
So I have to listen to blue jokes, nasty comments, rude remarks and toilet humour but I have to keep quiet?

So, you don't like the things I say, the way I think or my style of humour.  Well, I am no great beauty so it ain't my looks.  What do you like abouit me then?  The fact that I do all the dull, tedious, tricky work, get it done on time and don't complain?  That isn't liking me, my 'friend'.

So, do I go back to pretending to be an emotionless robot and keep my job, or keep battling and lose either my sanity or my chance of a comfortable life?  Or maybe I just give up on it all and on life.
Seem to me I've been here before.
Well.  The cap stays on the pills.

Tonight anyway.


  1. Who are you?
    You are the possibility of a smile;
    The promise of loyalty;
    An emotional harbour reciprocated.
    You are the help that you give;
    The support you provide;
    The promise of real friendship.
    Who are you?
    You are a cherished friend;
    Don't ask me why, my head doesn't know;
    My heart does.

  2. lovely wonders..
    we are interesting creatures.

  3. My wish for you

    Comfort on difficult days

    Smiles when sadness intrudes

    Rainbows to follow the clouds

    Laughter to kiss your lips

    Sunsets to warm your heart

    Hugs when spirits sag

    Faith so you can believe

    Beauty for your eyes to see

    Confidence when you doubt

    Patience to accept the truth

    Friendship to brighten your being

    Courage to know yourself

    Love to complete your life

    ~ anonymous

    ♥ ஆεlεɳa ~.^