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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Dodge Writes: Today's Prompt is Monotetra

Dodge Writes: Today's Prompt is Monotetra

The politicians smiling cries
are full of things which he denies,
a blank faced look when one tries
to prove his lies, to prove his lies.

The media will probe and press
when faced with someone in distress
and tease out words under duress
here more is less, here more is less.

How dare one pray a fight to win?
For surely this pride is a sin,
the golden truth will turn to tin
when deaths begin, when deaths begin.

Today's Prompt is Octelle - a couple of days late!

You wrap me in a blanket of
your warmth and your enduring love,
my shelter when icy blast
blows right through me from my past.
When I am down, feeling blue
I turn my heart back to you,
you wrap me in a blanket of
your warmth and your enduring love


  1. the repitition in the closing line of the first one gave me shivers...and i too know the icy blasts from the past...

  2. love the second one more.
    your words are powerful.

    Thanks for the contribution.

  3. always remember the old adage;How do you tell when a politican is lying? His lips are moving! Your first poem hit it right on the head.

  4. OOO Penny, WOW !!
    Both are such great writes!! I think you nailed the Monotatra, haunting and too true !
    Your Octelle is moving and worded so well !
    thanks for joining our daily prompts, you do them so well !
    What is going on with you and mr linky ? Is it on my side or yours? I will fix it if I can...
    MUCH LOVE !!

  5. Agree about the second one being stronger. :-)

  6. My shelter when icy blast...wonderful Penny!

    ♥ ஆ εlεɳa ~.^

  7. join us if you did not do so..
    keep up the excellence.