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Friday, 4 March 2011

Friday Poetically!

 Yep, those people at http://onestoppoetry.com/ are at it again.
"It is March, green, Spring, there are leprechauns running around with four leaf clovers gifting luck to every one. It is a time of new life, new love, rejuvenation. Now go and write it!" 
Okay, Brian, you asked for it.

Welcome, Spring.

Small green spikes braving the chill
Thrusting further up until
The spiking leaves spread and show
The bud that nods its hello.

Snowdrop first shows its white head
Crocus follows where it’s lead
Daffodil, narcissus too,
Tulip and hyacinth blue.

White gives way to rainbow hues
And birds sing the joyful news
For Spring is back, her coming
Sets both heart and mind humming.

Big and blousy, small and neat
Every flower is a treat.
Cultivated or a weed
Each bursting forth from a seed.

Insects buzzing dizzily
Flit around so busily
While birds flit from bush to tree
Sorting where their nest will be.

From Winter’s dull grey and white
Life has burst forth overnight
Now touched by sun’s warming rays
Colours delight joyful gaze.


  1. yay! lots of happy joy filled springness...smiles.. love all the little accents you chose to bring it out...have a great weekend!

  2. Ah Spring! Now I remember lol! Thanks Penny!
    ♥ Hεlεɳa ~.^

  3. Refreshing in the least...perfection at best! So vividly beutiful...I could visualize each color and smell the aroma of all the floral components :) Loved it

  4. very joyful indeed...very uplifting..cheers pete

  5. Penny,
    Without and image, you illustrated a beautiful springtime place. Well done. Mine is much less romantic...

  6. You did a wonderful job discribing all the flowers in our yard right now !! Love your poem as always Penny !

  7. a celebration of spring! lovely!